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Mobile Application Development Services has grown horizons and attained huge admiration of late. Enterprises across the world are embracing this of technological advancement due to the incredible success of mobile app development. Mobility became basic to the way organizations implement their businesses.

Mobility is undoubtedly the complex technology that most of the enterprises are facing. In the last couple of years, Mobile devices have evolved very quickly to an extent by introducing applications and services that have the ability to change the way firms do business.

It is clearly observed that Mobility can help organizations influence the related data in order to reach it to the customers in an effective way.

Mobile application development has spread like a wildfire. With this level of requirement each and every SME’s are building their own Mobility Application for wider customer reach. Stand alone application development was built considering single type of user over a spread network. But when it comes to enterprise mobile application development there are many variables.

Mobility products are built on cross platform, so all the user are not using a fixed device with a fixed connection. Therefore an application is to be built, which covers types of products and connection types. Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) is the base of the development cycle, where it describes the problems faced to build an mobility application for Enterprise Level.

To build an Enterprise Level Application using Mobility technology, developer has to consider MEAP’s Rule OF Three. As per Rule of Three it states that

1. Support three or more mobile applications
2. Support three or more mobile operating systems (OS)
3. Integrate with at least three back-end data sources

When you consider these three rules of engagement, then only an application can be built which can be accessed by any type of device [mobiles/ tablets/ notepads], any type of Operating System [Windows/ Android/ IOS]. This gives a strategic advantage over development of application and also wider customer base.


Can support one or more type of mobile devices without keeping separate codes for each device.
Supports Cloud run.

Multiple servers can be integrated for data source at backened.

User accessibility can be enhanced using this platform.

All enterprises are going mobile in order to reach out to maximum customers and improve their productivity. Do you want to go mobile too? All you need to do is invest in Enterprise mobile application development.  Before you go ahead, it is good to know a bit about Enterprise Mobility solutions. The basic objective of enterprise mobility is to help employees be connected wherever they are and access the company data in order to work remotely when they are away. Mobility solutions are usually built on multiple platforms in order to cater to the various preferred devices of the users.

Advantages:Why Virtu Tech Solutions PVT LTD.?

Advantages of investing in Enterprise mobile application development:
As a company, you will benefit a lot from investing in Enterprise mobile application development. Some of these benefits include:

Your employees will be available at all times, wherever they may be, and whichever device they may be using.
You can access the company’s data at any time and from any place. This puts you in a better position to provide excellent customer service and clear your queries instantly.

Enterprise mobility solutions make screen sharing possible for all kinds of devices and operating systems. This means you can transfer your knowledge or learn something new easily when you are away from your workplace.
The personally owned devices of employees can easily and safely be managed through enterprise mobility solutions. This will be a very cost-effective option for your company as you will be spared from investing in many mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smart phones.

A good enterprise mobility solution can integrate well with your back-end data sources and increase productivity remarkably while keeping the investment low.

Any enterprise mobile solution you go for needs to satisfy three basic rules of engagement:

  • It should support at least three mobile applications
  • It should cater to at least three mobile operating systems
  • It should integrate with three or more back-end data sources
  • If an application is built with these three rules in mind, it can cater to all types of devices and all kinds of operating systems.

Virtu Tech Solutions PVT LTD. is one of the leading developers of customized enterprise mobile applications for various types of clients. It is a wise choice to hire the professional services of Virtu Tech Solutions PVT LTD. for making your enterprise go completely mobile.

We have an expert team of application developers who are well-versed and well-experienced in developing different kinds of enterprise mobile applications. We offer complete protection to your data and make sure it is absolutely safe, even if there are different mobile devices that are connected to your network.​

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